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Classic Patterns

Adams Black Gnat Blue Dun Blue-Winged Olive
Light Cahill Hendrickson March Brown

Pale Evening Dun

Pale Morning Dun

Black Caddis

Cinnamon Caddis

Gray Caddis

Pale Yellow Caddis

Tan Caddis


Black Ant

Black/Red Ant


Waterwisp reinvents the classic dry fly with the best patterns in the best sizes...














Olive Bodied Adams Pink Cahill Silver Dun Gray Stonefly
Olive Caddis Olive/Tan Caddis (blank) Gold Stonefly
Mosquito Trico (blank) Black Stonefly
| Spinners
Yellow Hopper Rusty Spinner Sulphur Spinner Olive Spinner
Olive Hopper Light Gray Spinner Blue Quill Spinner (blank)

















Other available patterns (photos not yet on Web site) include: Grannum and Gray-Speckled Caddis; Green Hopper; Griffiths Gnat; Irresistible; Little Yellow Stonefly; Quill Gordon and Wulffs:  Ausable, Brown, Gray, Grizzly and Royal

Boxed Selections



StreamBase Leaders

Frog's Fanny Fly Treatment

Capt. Brady's Saltwater Flies
Six-Fly Sampler

BlueSky furled tapered leaders


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